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Custom solutions for all your metalworking fluid needs...

Lubricating Oils and Hydraulic Fluids

Effective/Environmentally friendly

High Performance Fluids & Lubricating Oils

In addition to metalworking fluids, Leander Lubricants has a full line of machine tool lubricating oils, greases and fluids. Our custom approach to machine tool lubrication assures you're getting the optimum formulation for economy, quality and application objectives.


  * Hydraulic oils- Oil based/Synthetics
  * Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids
  * Gear oils: Anti-wear/Mild EP, Heavy duty EP, Heavy duty/High temp, Heavy duty food grade
  * Spindle oils
  * Way oils
  * Air tool oil
  * Chain Oils: PAO, Diester, POE, PAG
  * Bearing Oils: Lubed for life closed systems, powdered metal bearings & gears
  * Food Grade Oils: Compressor, Hydraulic AW, Chain, Gear, Vacuum Pump, PD Blower, Grease, Aersol
  * Compressor/Vacuum Oils: Rotary screw, Rotary vane, Reciprocating, Vacuum pump, centrifugal, PD Blower


    * Effective at low and high temperatures
  * High tack
  * EP boundary layers
  * Resists washing off
  * Economical

We provide oil analysis testing:

    * Independent results
  * Fast turnaround
  * Historical data

High-Tech Oils:
Leander also provides high-tech oils for demanding applications.


  * Zinc-free hydraulic oils reduce zinc in waste discharge
  * Sulfur & fat-free way oils increase coolant life and reduce rancidity by keeping fats out of the coolant